If you’ve ever wondered why people do some stupid things, so have we...

Terrible People is an independent magazine, which displays the ‘dark sides’ of human beings in a light and satirical way. Through essays, illustrations, interviews, photography, ... we explore different ways of thinking and try to reflect on our own behaviour. So, open up your minds, people!

Our third issue presents a special focus on human bodies, questioning people’s relation to their own physical appearance and the role it plays in social interaction.

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Publications and awards

October, 19 | STACK Awards

SHORTLISTED: Best Use of Illustration

For this award the judges looked for the best, most characterful, most distinctive illustrations published in independent magazines in 2019.

April, 19 | MagCulture

Out now: Terrible People #3

Created with the concept to make a magazine about the stupid things that people do, Terrible People combines illustration with scathing social commentary, and has a powerful point to make about many of the nonsensical things that prevail in our culture.

May, 18 | Subbacultcha Magazine

Editors' Recommendation: Terrible People Mag

"...The new culture and lifestyle magazine Terrible People explores the dark side of human nature, aspiring to provide insight into why people are such bastards at times. Brimming with humour, sarcasm, illustrations and social commentary." (p. 16)

February, 18 | STACK Editorial

Terrible People wants to know why ...

Do you go through your day feeling annoyed at the things people do? The team at Terrible People magazine certainly do. In fact, their publication is all about exploring why people do “stupid” things. With a good dose of humour and sarcasm, ...

November, 17 | STACK Awards

SHORTLISTED: Student Magazine of the Year

Now, the magazines have been sent off to the judges, who will have a month to live with the titles while they deliberate. During this time, we’ll dig a little deeper into each category, and showcase all the magazines that have made the cut.

October, 17 | Le Bonbon

Il existe désormais un magazine dédié aux horribles personnes

Bousculer tout le monde en traçant Gare Saint-Lazare, prendre la dernière feuille de PQ sans rien dire ou te ramener sans bouteille à une soirée et éclater les petits fours : nous sommes tous de terribles personnes en puissance. ...


Terrible People, le magazine à la gloire des “personnes horribles”

Marcher très lentement dans le métro, toucher tous les fruits de l’étalage de l’épicier, raconter sa vie au téléphone en pleine séance à la salle de sport… Un magazine londonien dépeint avec humour et psychologie toutes ces petites choses qui font de nous des personnes horribles.

September, 17 | STACK Editorial

Five reasons to love this magazine about hating people

From inconsequential irritations to downright evil, Terrible People magazine is here to “wonder why people do stupid things”. The tongue-in-cheek publication, which is ironically drenched in sunshine-y yellow, was published out of London College of Communication.

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