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If you’ve ever wondered why people do some stupid things, so have we...

Terrible People is an independent magazine, which displays the ‘dark sides’ of human beings in a light and satirical way. Through essays, illustrations, interviews, photography, ... we explore different ways of thinking and try to reflect on our own behaviour. So, open up your minds, people!

In our Youth issue we’re speaking about those so-called lazy, good for nothing teenagers, who don’t get their asses off the sofa. So let this sarcastic and taunting issue show you the darker sides in all of us.

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We teamed up to bring you our Youth issue together with a bundle of 4 terribly good cards from Mean Mail:

+ Nobody cares. 
+ Just don't be yourself. 
+ You're not that important. 
+ I love my phone more.

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May, 21 | STACK Editorial

An ode to bitching

If you ever wondered why people do terrible things, so have we... Terrible People is an independent magazine, which displays the ‘dark sides’ of human nature in a light and satirical way. Our main objectives are to explore different cultures, new ways of thinking and have us reflecting on our own behaviour (... because let's be honest, we all have some bad days).   Sounds great?! Do you want to know more? Each issue will surprise you with its own special theme, alongside our favourite topics of culture, society and other shit. But let us introduce to you some of our regulars: ◍ La crème de la crème: a compendium of terrible customs and weird cultural habits (at least from an outsider’s perspective). All stories are freshly imported from around the world! ◍ Photo and illustration series: you can't miss those pages, they are the only pages printed in 4-colour (the rest of the mag is printed in our 2-colour CI). We just owed it to our artists, to have their graphic work stand out! ◍ Extra booklet: are you looking for some more data and stats in your readings? There you go, here’s a well-researched piece about current topics with a fresh new angle! ◍ TP’s unrecommendations: a short and spicy review of No-Do’s. Well, just because it’s more efficient to tell people what not to do instead of what to do!   Enough of all the self-praise, let’s listen to the word on the street... Pretty sure you already heard the buzz, but just in case, let us refresh your mind (it’s not a problem): ❝ Stack Magazine: Bitching, when indulged in the right environment (quietly, for an hour or so, while you read this magazine cover-to-cover) is one of life’s biggest treats. ❝ les inrockupibles: A magazine that depicts with humour and psychology all these little things that turn us into awful human beings. ❝ Subbacultcha: Brimming with humour, sarcasm, illustrations and social commentary.    You want to know the terrible people behind Terrible People? Oriane and Jennifer, that’s us. We are the founders and creators of Terrible People magazine! We hope you enjoy it!

March, 20 | Frab's Magazines

Blog post: Terrible People #3

October, 19 | STACK Awards

SHORTLISTED: Best Use of Illustration

April, 19 | MagCulture

Out now: Terrible People #3

May, 18 | Subbacultcha Magazine

Editors' Recommendation: Terrible People Mag

February, 18 | STACK Editorial

Terrible People wants to know why ...

November, 17 | STACK Awards

SHORTLISTED: Student Magazine of the Year

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